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kayak Rentals in Altea / Exercise while enjoying nature

An excellent aerobic exercise that sends you paddleing over crystaline depths and posidonia seaweed beds of Altea bay, protected environment inside of Sierra Helada Natural Reserve.Easy and safe! Easy and safe! We offer different dimensioned kayaks, appropriate for all ages and sizes.

We are located in the best site of Altea Bay, exactly in between the Morro de Toix / Mascarat and the Olla island / Cap Negret. We provide diving goggles, waterproof bags, mobile cases. Suitable for all audiences and ages. Free parking!

  • Individuals, double and triple kayak
  • Guided Trips: PIC NIC at La Olla island in Altea Bay), breakfast kayak. Moonlight kayak and Wake Up kayak.

NEW 2018 BONUS TIME in all activities, nutrition and environmental awareness workshops during kayak and SUP


NEW 2018

NEW SUP STEP, EXTRA TIME in all activities, SUP STEP & PADDLE SURF programmes, new excursions and adventures, new programmes in paddle surf courses, kayak, sup pilates and SUP STEP, free parking, nutrition education workshops and about the environment in the weekly courses of SUP and KAYAK for adults and children.

  • EXTRA TIME in all rentals, courses and excursions
  • 4x3 (3 pers pay and 4 participate) in all courses and excursions
  • 2x1 in the activities: choosing 2 activities, the 2nd (rentals) goes to 50% off (per person)
  • In all activities we offer:  life vests, waterproof bags, waterproof case for mobile phones, diving glasses.
  • Parking free

We are exactly in the centre of the Bay of Altea, the best spot to starting any sea activity: as we are at the same distance of the Morro de Toix / Mascaratthan the Island of La Olla / Cap Negret. Our activities are not restricted to be developed inside the lines of buoys, as it occurs in all the beaches.

We are not a private sports club. We are open to all audiences for courses, rentals, kayak excursions, paddle surfing, sup step. We speak 5 languages (ita / spa / fre / eng / port), and we have 8 years of experience navigating along the Bay of Altea.

La Bocana Sailing Point, open to everybody