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SUP STEP, EXTRA TIME in all activities, SUP STEP & PADDLE SURF sessions, NEW programs and adventures for kids and adults every day, FREE PARKING, nutrition and environmental awareness workshops, supyoga, NEW kayaks and paddle surf boards. see more

Discover our wonderful enclave from the air, because a picture is worth a thousand words and the colors of the piece of sea in which we are will make you daydream. see more

Your place of encounter with the sea

La Bocana Sailing Point • we sail in the Bay of Altea and in Calpe, we are exactly in the center of the Altea bay, between the island of La Olla and Morro de Toix / Mascarat • KAYAK, PADDLE SURF, SUP STEP.

¡Guaranteed fun! We are in Altea, between Calpe and Benidorm, at the entrance to the Campomanes Marina, right next to the Bay Club. We are exactly in the center of the Bay of Altea, between the island of La Olla and the Morro de Toix / Mascarat.


Adventures and Experiences

Discover the caves of the Morro de Toix in the Bay of Mascarat (Altea), go trekking & jumping, visit the island of La Olla and Cap Negret, dive all over it and enjoy also a picnic on the island’s beach...


An excellent aerobic exercise, paddling on the crystalline sea beds of posidonia of the protected marine environment of the Bay of Altea.

Sup Pilates & Sup Yoga

Strengthen the benefits of pilates and yoga on a PADDLE SURF board, enjoying the Bay of Altea and its nature.

Paddle Surf

Get on board and surf, feel, surf ... An unforgettable feeling! It is a complete exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic ... you can rent and practice on your own or learn and practice with a monitor, navigating through the waters of Altea or Calpe.

Paddle + Boat & Paddle + Diving

Try the experience of breathing underwater and enjoy our offers; or rent a semirigid boat WITH or WITHOUT license. You will be able to navigate with total security (we offer life jackets, waterproof bags for mobile phones, dry bags to take what you need and diving glasses).

SUP Step

With the practice of paddle surfing (SUP) we work out the UPPER BODY muscles (shoulders, arms, pectorals and abdominals), while with the SUP STEP we focus on the LOWER BODY (buttocks, legs, abdominals).