Marina Greenwich
La Bocana Sailing Point is located in Marina Greenwich, also known as Puerto Deportivo Campomanes. It is the only marina in the world that coincides with the meridian 00º 00 ’00 of Greenwich. Its location is unbeatable, for the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the warmth and clarity of its waters.
In Marina Greenwich you will find a friendly and personalized service with top-notch infrastructures and a wide range of leisure and catering services so that you do not miss anything during your stay. It is a safe place, with more than 542 berths and a dry dock where all kinds of nautical repairs and wintering service are carried out.
Sierra Helada Natural Park
Natural Park, one of the most unique examples of Valencia’s coastal mountain ranges.
This mountain range and its surrounding seabeds make up a set of ecosystems of incalculable ecological and environmental value, covering a total protected area of ​​5,564 hectares –between the bays of Benidorm and Altea, up to Morro de Toix–, of which 88 % correspond to the marine environment, where undoubtedly the star inhabitant is the posidonia, whose grasslands provide shelter, food and a place where a large number of fish species can breed.
On our coast and to the surprise of many, a population of bottlenose dolphins is established. And you can also see different species of cetaceans such as pilot whales and even some passing whales, although this is more difficult to witness.
There is a network in charge of tracking and studying the dolphins of the Sierra Helada Natural Park and a free telephone number for visitors to notify the sighting of the cetaceans (900 900 580), in order to help them deepen their knowledge of their habits.
Meet Altea
On the Costa Blanca, in the Marina Baja region, you can discover the beautiful town of Altea, popularly known as the Mediterranean dome, because it is precisely the indigo tiled dome of its church what characterizes the Altea physiognomy and gives contrast to its white architecture.
It has a very pleasant Mediterranean climate throughout the year and offers the visitor a full range of charms: sea, mountain, history, gastronomy, popular festivals, etc. It is also an ancestral refuge for artists, which has led to the current cultivation and enhancement of this quality, being the headquarters of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Miguel Hernández University.
Altea is 60 kilometres north of Alicante and 130 south of Valencia, it is very well connected through the toll motorway AP7 and the national road N-332.
Bay Club
Our facilities are inside the space where a large terrace also unfolds. It is a restaurant and cocktail bar with great taste and style, perfect to have a drink during the day after the activity, to eat something light or to enjoy the evenings with good music and the best cocktails.